On This Island

A night of storytelling for the New York City life, to replenish the charms and mysteries that brought you to this island on the edge of America.

UPDATE: Episode 9, “Night and Day” now available on iTunes!

Cast of Episode 9

Cast of ON THIS ISLAND Ep. 9: “Night And Day”

Hosted by Matt Dellapina, a group of musicians, writers, and theatre artists gather to riff on a theme and explore what it means to inhabit one of the world’s most storied cities.

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On This Island, Ep. 9 – “Night & Day” (7/15/14 – Ars Nova)

Join us for Episode #9 of “On This Island,” our live-theatrical podcast hosted by Matt Dellapina.

In our next episode, “Night & Day”, musicians, writers, and theater artists unite to tell tales of New York’s better half — the one unseen in the harsh light of day, where heroism and hedonism emerge from the shadows.  Hear actress Polly Lee (“Gotham”, The Cloud) divulge her sordid alter-ego and “Chappelle’s Show” alum Randy Pearlstein reminisce about love, loss, and Yankee Stadium.  Listen to a short play by Sharyn Rothstein (The Invested, Neglect) and learn which famous actor condemned actor/author Craig Clary (The Classroom) to die.  As always, the stories are set to the tunes of the one and only Phil Pickens.

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February 25th @ Ars Nova

February 25th @ Ars Nova

On This Island, Ep. 8 – “Siren Song” (2/25/14 – Ars Nova)

Every year, 250,000 people move to NYC. Who stays? Who leaves? And why? And is the number of years you choose to inhabit this island a blessing or a curse? With more people moving in than out, opera sensation Anita Rachvelishvili, folk singer Jay Brannan, actor-writer Jiehae Park, filmmaker Jeff Seal and author Jen McGuire explore their long-term relationship with this port of call and whether its siren song ought to be trusted.

With special guest host Adam Knight and musician Phil Pickens.

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